Insurance For Families and Individuals

While our main focus is providing insurance programs for nonprofits we also provide life insurance services to individuals and families.

A well-designed cash value life insurance policy should be the cornerstone of an individual’s and family’s financial planning plan.

There are term and permanent policies in all different amounts and prices. We will work with you to design the right plan for you and your budget.

Well-designed Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policies provide much more than a death benefit. IUL policies provide many ways to utilize the cash value in tax-advantaged ways.

Cash value in the policies grows tax deferred and can provide tax-free retirement income.

The rate of return achieved with well-designed IUL policies can be significant without risking principal. Long Term Care or Chronic Illness riders can be added to policies we support.

Some people are finding it advantageous to roll some of their IRA funds into an IUL. In addition, wealthy individuals are using these policies because of the items I mentioned above.

Retirement Planning

Our emphasis with retirement planning is to be a ‘support resource’ and work together with your financial planner.

We provide concepts and design IUL policies to be a part of a balanced and secure retirement plan. Long Term Care or Chronic Illness policies. Knowing that your Long Term is included will let you have more freedom to spend your retirement when you don’t need to have money saved for LTC.

A new and very real concern is running out of money! Longevity risk is now more important than market return especially if those dollars are being taxed. Annuities are the only real solution to longevity risk. For a more stress-free retirement knowing that you will be receiving a monthly check with inflation coverage included.

Estate Planning

Taking care of your children when you are gone

Life insurance is about protection, making sure your loved ones have resources to help continue after your passing. But life insurance can also help with estate planning and management and distribution of your assets.

Passing on an estate can involve numerous issues, depending on your circumstances and the number of assets at hand.

The strategic use of life insurance can help with:

  • Final Expenses
  • Estate Taxes
  • Estate Equalization
  • Business Ownership
  • Special Purposes
  • Probate

We work closely with your estate planning attorney and CPA to design and plan for the efficient transfer of assets.

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