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Nonprofit Accounting

Nonprofits have unique needs when it comes to accounting and insurance. Nonprofit Professional Services has the experience and knowledge you need to manage your finances and protect your organization from unforeseen financial challenges.



By partnering with Jitasa, we provide highly experienced nonprofit accounting, by helping your organization improve cash flow and minimize expenses through better accounting practices. Nonprofit accounting is much different than it is for for-profit companies, since you’re accountable to donors, grant funders and more. We can help you allocate your money into funds to make sure you’re spending money only on what the funds are designated for.



Nonprofits, like any business, need insurance. Our knowledgeable partners, CalNonProfits insurance services, are the experts in nonprofit insurance in Petaluma, CA, working with you to make sure your insurance needs are completely covered to safeguard you against unforeseen problems.

There are many types of insurance that may be best for your non-profit. Every organization needs general liability protection, and most need coverage for property, professional liability, directors’ and officers’ insurance and even more specialized policies. If you have employees, you’ll need additional coverage. We help you evaluate your needs to find you the right policies.


Unemployment Insurance Trust

All businesses, including nonprofits, need to follow state unemployment tax guidelines. In our home base of California, nonprofit entities are organized under IRS 501(c)(3) tax laws. Nonprofits pay the same rate as for-profit businesses, or they can pay into an unemployment insurance trust which typically saves money over the state unemployment. We help you decide what’s best for your organization and establish a trust should you choose the latter option.

Let’s Find Ways to grow your Nonprofit!

Nonprofit Professional Services partners with nonprofits to help them carry out their strategic vision. We are a team of experts that brings deep experience in nonprofit management, fundraising, investment and more to ensure you make a difference for years to come.