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Whether you are seeking guidance in donor relations, strategic planning, or capacity building, our partner links will connect you to exceptional services that align with NPPSS's commitment to empowering nonprofits.

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  1. Planned-Giving-Logo[1]

    Planned Giving

    • One-stop Resource for Planned Giving
    • Website Design
    • Email Marketing
    • Direct Mail
    • Brochures
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  2. cal-nonprofit[1]


    • Property & Casualty
    • Liability Insurance
    • Special Events Coverage
    • Unemployment Services Trust
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  3. jitasa-logo


    • Bookkeeping & Accounting
    • Tax Filings
    • Advisory Services
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  4. Logo1[1]

    Nonprofit Kinect

    • Leadership tools for nonprofits
    • Market Leadership
    • Resources to
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  5. nppss

    Nonprofit Professional Services

    • Charitable Giving Programs
    • Executive Benefit Planning
    • Retirement Planning
    • Estate Planning
    • Annuities
    • Long Term Care
    • Premium Financing
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  6. Chase-Logo-A[1]

    Chase Consulting Solutions

    • Grant Writing and Consulting
    • Proposal Composition
    • Grant Funding Research and Strategy
    • Foundation Grants
    • State Government Grants
    • Federal Grants
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  7. digital-anchor-logo

    Digital Anchor Web Design

    • Web Design and Development
    • Website Hosting and Maintenance
    • SEO and Digital Marketing
    • Reputation Management and Outreach
    • Video and Event Production
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