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As a company would with other benefit plans, non-qualified plans should be reviewed periodically to make sure they remain aligned with the current needs and goals of the company. A company’s benefit and reward philosophy may change as a result of changes in the economy or tax laws. Over time, new strategies or more efficient products become available, which may be a better solution for the company’s needs. Our consultants will continually meet with the company as part of our stewardship review process. Our goal is to assist the company in working through the changes that may occur, provide guidance on available solutions and assist with the implementation of the chosen direction.


Business owners and individuals should periodically review their life insurance to determine if policies are continuing to meet expectations just as they would with investment or retirement accounts. Many policies were purchased when interest rates were higher than today’s rates, which ultimately impacts their future stability. Also, there are always changes within the life insurance industry that makes products available that are more efficient, such as reductions in mortality costs. NBG will examine each policy by stress testing the impact of declining interest rates, review the insurance carriers financials and ratings and perform analyses on the competitiveness and efficiency of the policy relative to other products in the market.